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Natural Resources Law Serving: CO, WY, NM 

We work like you work:  Determined to grow.  Learning for the sake of knowledge.  Accumulating experience to ripen into wisdom for the stories that build legacies.

We practice natural resources law.  We believe it is not enough to sub-specialize in one narrow area. 

So we have worked, read, and studied to practice – and execute - its breadth:  oil & gas general counsel, regulatory work across the Rocky Mountain West, mining and oil & gas transactions, title for all needs, and particularly public lands in all its offerings. 

The more we work with land, the more we appreciate the unity all these practices reveal:  that land is the foundation that makes us all flourish.

You can trust us with your project, because we not only respect our heritage in the lands of the West, but we also share your place for success from the land. 

Read more about us individually or our services for more details.  Or better yet, let’s talk about that next story.




Over 300 title opinions on lands spanning the Rocky Mountain West have passed through our desks in the last 10 years, giving us the analytics to assure what makes a great title opinion in terms of cost and delivery times.


Our attorneys have ranked among the top 1-3 regulatory practices in Colorado over the past three years in terms of acreage affected and number of applications handled.  With appearances in CO, WY, and NM, we are at the forefront of navigating the rules that direct your work.


General Counsel

Jewell Jimmerson sees your project in the context of your broader operations and strategy.  Availability is key, and we specialize in delivering the day-to-day guidance, deal representation, and agreements you need to keep things moving smoothly.

Federal and State Lands

A hallmark of the natural resources practice at Jewell Jimmerson is our busy and active approach to federal and state lands.  Our knowledge of land offices, processes, and the intricate details of sovereign minerals mean we can help you unlock operations on the lands that often seem to present odd complexities compared to fee lands.



While a diminishing art, our firm understands and counsels not only on the 1872 General Mining Act, but also represents hard rock mining operators in deals and disputes.  Hard rock mining might seem a vestige of Western lore, but we believe the history and vast resources of gold, silver, lithium, rare earth, and other locatable minerals remain a fixture of our natural resources treasure.

The Team


Michael Jewell



Elijah Jimmerson



Kristin Knetzer



Alex Wenzel

Of Counsel

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Jewell Jimmerson Natural Resources Law

27905 Meadow Drive

Unit 11

Evergreen, CO 80439



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