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Federal and State Lands

A hallmark of the natural resources practice at Jewell Jimmerson is our busy and active approach to our federal and state lands.  Our knowledge of land offices, processes, and the intricate details of sovereign minerals mean we can help you unlock operations on the lands that often seem to present odd complexities compared to fee lands.

Federal and State Leasing (MLA of 1920 and 1930)

IBLA Appeals

Drainage Inquiries

DOJ Trespass Inquiries

Operating and Record Title Issues


Act 30 Applications

Helium Leasing and Operations

CO2 Transactions (McElmo Dome) and Operations

BLM, NFS, and COGCC Memoranda of Understanding

CBM Wells

BLM Records Research

Taylor Grazing Act

Notable Experience:  Steered client through all aspects of securing the largest BLM lease in CO history.  Secured the first “finding of no fault” in CO for a major oil and gas operator in a DOJ trespass inquiry with favorable determination.  Successfully defended client against dozens of BLM drainage inquiries.

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